torsdag 17. maj 2018 14:36

ITD wants billion-krone investments in roads

There are huge social winnings to be gained if investments are made in roads and better infrastructure. This is stated by a new economic analysis of five infrastructure projects in Denmark. ITD, Association for Danish road transport of goods is pleased there now having been put figures on the winnings and is now looking forward to new, ambitious investments in the area.

Society becomes richer when investments are made in new roads and better infrastructure! That is how clear the conclusion sounds in a new analysis of five infrastructure projects in Denmark, which the Danish Ministry of Transport has just published. The investments in roads reduce congestion and imply shorter journey time benefitting both citizens and the industry.


- It is good that an analysis has now been made to prove what we at ITD have known all the time, namely that it is a huge winning for society to invest in new roads. It is clear when congestion, queues and consequently waiting time on the roads is reduced then wasted time decrease and can be read directly on the bottom line, says Carina Christensen, CEO at ITD.


The Minister for Transport Ole Birk Olesen highlights that the analysis especially shows there being quite huge social winnings to gain in connection with more and better road infrastructure, which pleases ITD.


- The Minister reports very clearly, first and foremost, that investments must be made in new roads when investments in new infrastructure are to be made in future. It is very, very positive, because with us in the road transport of goods it is totally clear that the requirement is even very urgent, Carina Christensen continues.


First of all, the road investments will benefit the users of the road net, but additionally they also bring in many related effects benefitting the whole society. Therefore, the Danish government will now increase the frame for official investments after 2020, and long-term and coherent decisions must also be taken into consideration.


- The congestion on the roads is already today severe and will increase significantly in the coming decade. It is a costly affair for all of us and it is absolutely necessary to do something about the problem in time. Therefore, I want to encourage the politicians to get down to the work and find the money needed for investments in roads. We must go all the way back to 2009 to find an amount matching the costs, but it is necessary, because we must ensure a long-term solution on the roads benefitting the whole society, Carina Christensen ends.


Read the whole analysis from Incentive on Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing’s website here (Danish):



onsdag 17. juli 2019

ITD welcomes dedicated and experienced Danish Minister of Transport

The Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen presented her new team of ministers 27 June 2019, and Benny Engelbrecht occupies the Ministry of Transport at Frederiksholms Kanal in Copenhagen. ITD, Association for the Danish road transport of goods, welcomes the Minister of Transport on the important post having great potential for creating sustainable growth results in cooperation with a professional and engaged transport industry.

ITD welcomes dedicated and experienced Danish Minister of Transport >
fredag 12. juli 2019

Europa-Parlamentets transportudvalg genvælger fransk formand

Den 10. juli konstituerede Europa-Parlamentets transportudvalg sig med valg af formand og næstformænd til varetage udvalgets ledelse de kommende to og et halvt år.

Europa-Parlamentets transportudvalg genvælger fransk formand >
mandag 08. juli 2019

Varebiler nyhedsupdate – den store tilladelse kan ikke bruges til varebiler

Den ”store vognmandstilladelse” kan ikke bruges i forhold til at udføre godskørsel for fremmed regning med varebiler, der har en samlet tilladt totalvægt på over 2 tons og til og med 3,5 tons.

Varebiler nyhedsupdate – den store tilladelse kan ikke bruges til varebiler >

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