tirsdag 24. oktober 2017 13:54

ITD: Criticisable billion contribution to PostNord solves no problems in the long run

The agreement between the Danish and Swedish states on PostNord fell last week into place. A total of 2.2 billion SEK, Denmark financing 1.8 billion SEK, will be contributed. ITD is very critical of the agreement. It is a short-term fix no way solving the challenges concerning a state owned company engaging direct and unfair competition against private Danish transport and logistics companies.


Today, the Danish and Swedish states have agreed on a financial rescue of PostNord. For ITD, it has been crucial that the agreement ensures that the part of PostNord’s business, engaging direct and unfair competition against private transport and logistics companies, is phased out as quickly as possible. The agreement does not ensure this.


- It is a short term fix being no way future-proof. The goal here has been to pick up PostNord’s pieces here and now, and not relating to PostNord’s future business model. The Danish government says, that state-owned companies must not outdo private companies. They now open the way for that PostNord can with tax money continue directly to compete with Danish transport and logistics companies, says Head of Public Affairs Karen Roiy.


As a minimum, ITD had expected the government having in their initiative explained the prospect for a future privatisation, it being obvious that there is no future business foundation for a state-owned company.


- The initiative can be interpreted as the state making PostNord ready for sale. Preparing a company for sale with consecutive privatisation will take years to complete, and during those years we may risk that many private operators have to go out of business due to exposure to competition from PostNord. A state operator has nothing to do in the private market for parcels and mixed cargo. Therefore, we will continue to work for a quick phase-out of PostNord as a state-owned company. We are very dissatisfied with the fact that PostNord now has their plans recognised to become the largest, Nordic logistics provider, says Karen Roiy.


Now, ITD starts to investigate thoroughly the financing plans to ensure that the many billion SEK are not invested in activities outdoing private companies. ITD is in dialogue with its own lawyers investigating whether it is a state subsidy case.


(Photo: Colorbox.dk)

onsdag 20. februar 2019

ITD: Nye CO2-krav til lastbiler vil bidrage til at nedbringe transportsektorens emissioner

Som led i at fremme den grønne omstilling i transportsektoren er EU-landene og Europa-Parlamentet blevet enige om en aftale, der for første gang stiller krav til udledningen af CO2 i nye lastbiler. Aftalen er et vigtigt led i bestræbelserne på at mindske emissionerne fra transportsektoren, mener brancheorganisationen ITD.

ITD: Nye CO2-krav til lastbiler vil bidrage til at nedbringe transportsektorens emissioner >
onsdag 20. februar 2019

ITD bliver eneejer af VIALTIS SARL

I 2012 købte ITD Holding 80 procent af aktiekapitalen i VIALTIS SARL, og nu er de resterende 20 procent af aktierne også købt.

ITD bliver eneejer af VIALTIS SARL >
tirsdag 19. februar 2019

Færdselsstyrelsen har lavet et faktaark om varebilskrav

Den 1. juli 2019 træder de nye regler for varebiler i kraft. Færdselsstyrelsen har udarbejdet et faktaark, som kort skitserer de nye krav til både varebilsvognmænd og -chauffører.

Færdselsstyrelsen har lavet et faktaark om varebilskrav >

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