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25 hour time-limited parking for trucks in rest areas

The Danish Government and The Danish People’s Party now agree on introducing time-limited parking for trucks, allowing them to park 25 hours at a maximum at the state parking areas on the motorway net. Simultaneously, fines are raised for trucks parking illegally.

The Danish Government and The Danish People’s Party have decided to introduce time-limited parking for trucks amounting to 25 hours at a maximum at the state rest areas along the motorway net. According to the parties involved, the scheme is to create adequate conditions and release more capacity. Simultaneously, the initiative is to contribute improving road safety on accesses and exits regards rest areas, where trucks today park illegally. Reference is also made to the fact that truck drivers with 25 hour time-limited parking will have great flexibility in taking their so-called reduced weekly rest of 24 hours, and at the same time restrictions are made concerning the issue with long-time stays, which are not suitable for spending at a rest area.


- It is obvious that the Danish Government and The Danish People’s Party have listened to the industry and endeavored to comply with a series of worries and practical challenges stated by us. 3 hour and 11 hour time-limits, which were on the negotiation table, would have been impossible to make work in practice. ITD believes, that 25 hours is a reasonable negotiation result, says Carina Christensen, CEO at ITD.


The Minister for Transport Ole Birk Olesen states in his press release, that basically he does not believe, that it is a task of the state to provide free facilities to sort out the truck businesses’ needs for long-term stays.


- At ITD we continue to believe there being requirement for increased rest area capacity in Denmark. Our members wish for more well-functioning rest areas with relevant services all over the country – both alongside and outside the motorway net. The requirement for expansion and improvement of the rest areas only grows, and here and now we need a thoroughly prepared analysis of the future demand for capacity – also in the light of the new time-limit, says Carina Christensen.





The time-limited parking is accompanied by higher parking fines for trucks violating the time-limit or parking illegally on the state and municipal road net as well as on access and exit ramps. In fact, the overall level of fines for illegal parking will rise from 510 DKK to about 2,000 DKK, while it on access and exit ramps will rise from 1,000 DKK to about 3,000 DKK.

With the agreement on financial act, separate means are market for an efficient enforcement of the parking limit which the Danish Road Directorate assumes the responsibility for from the police. Thus, capacity is exempted within the police to solve other tasks which only the police can solve. Continuously, it will still be the police having the responsibility for controlling parking in the access and exit ramps to the motorway rest areas, like it will also be the responsibility of the police to enforce the ban on taking the 45 hour rest in the truck.

The model includes all 90 state motorway rest areas when the agreement is launched in full. The time-limited parking is expected to become effective 1 July 2018, while the rise in fines must be stipulated through an amendment of legislation, which is expected to come into force 1 January 2019.


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onsdag 20. februar 2019

ITD: Nye CO2-krav til lastbiler vil bidrage til at nedbringe transportsektorens emissioner

Som led i at fremme den grønne omstilling i transportsektoren er EU-landene og Europa-Parlamentet blevet enige om en aftale, der for første gang stiller krav til udledningen af CO2 i nye lastbiler. Aftalen er et vigtigt led i bestræbelserne på at mindske emissionerne fra transportsektoren, mener brancheorganisationen ITD.

ITD: Nye CO2-krav til lastbiler vil bidrage til at nedbringe transportsektorens emissioner >
onsdag 20. februar 2019

ITD bliver eneejer af VIALTIS SARL

I 2012 købte ITD Holding 80 procent af aktiekapitalen i VIALTIS SARL, og nu er de resterende 20 procent af aktierne også købt.

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tirsdag 19. februar 2019

Færdselsstyrelsen har lavet et faktaark om varebilskrav

Den 1. juli 2019 træder de nye regler for varebiler i kraft. Færdselsstyrelsen har udarbejdet et faktaark, som kort skitserer de nye krav til både varebilsvognmænd og -chauffører.

Færdselsstyrelsen har lavet et faktaark om varebilskrav >

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