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33 percent of the transport companies search unsuccessfully for employees

In July 2018 every third transport and logistics company experienced reductions in production due to lack of manpower. ITD urges job centres and training providers to submit unemployed and young students in further education to the transport industry.

In July 2018 a total of 33 percent of the companies in the transport industry experienced reductions in production due to lack of manpower. New figures from Statistics Denmark indicate this. The figures is the highest since the statistics was introduced in 2011.


- It is deeply problematic for our industry that the companies cannot find the necessary manpower. Unfortunately, the figures prove conclusively that one of the major challenges within the transport industry is lack of manpower. And unfortunately, the trend is increasing, says Head of ITD Labour Market Trine Schiørring Plesner.


Seen in isolation, the figure for July is extremely high, but all industry figures from Statistics Denmark for the first six months of 2018 show the same tendency: There cannot be found hands enough to carry products and goods on the trucks.


- From ITD we would like to send a clear message on behalf of our member companies on the fact that if you want to drive a truck, work in a transport office or in a warehouse then there are lots of jobs to get. We need everybody working with activating unemployed now to focus on the transport industry. It might be job centres, schools and others, says Trine Schiørring Plesner.


All over the country there are now about 2,500 unoccupied driver jobs, and the recruiting challenges does not decrease in future, because 50 per cent of all truck drivers are over 50 years old, and 15 per cent are over 60. But there is also lack of employees for warehouses and logistics offices.


The transport industry also focuses inwards. Because, the figures show that too many transport companies do not use all accessible channels when recruiting. 39 per cent of the companies believe that they could have done better.


- We must and will also make a big effort within the industry to tell about the job opportunities here and now, but also the career opportunities within the transport industry – both in the immediate future and on the long run, says Trine Schiørring Plesner.

tirsdag 25. juni 2019

Kørselsforbud i juli og august 2019

Flere europæiske lande har dage med kørselsforbud i juli og august 2019. Du kan se en oversigt her.

Kørselsforbud i juli og august 2019 >
tirsdag 25. juni 2019

Kravet om arbejdspladsbrugsanvisninger for farlige stoffer og materialer ophæves

Fra den 1. juli 2019 skal virksomheder, der håndterer farlige stoffer og materialer – for eksempel på værksteder - ikke længere udarbejde skriftlige arbejdspladsbrugsanvisninger (APB).

Kravet om arbejdspladsbrugsanvisninger for farlige stoffer og materialer ophæves >
tirsdag 25. juni 2019

ITD ændrer for udsendelse af nyheder

Husk at tilmelde dig, hvis du fremover vil modtage ITD-nyheder! ITD ændrer sit system til udsendelse af nyheder for at give dig en bedre og mere målrettet løsning med relevant information og nyt fra ITD.

ITD ændrer for udsendelse af nyheder >

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