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ITD’s Chairman of the Executive Committee Gert Jakobsen turns 60

It is a committed and very well-liked chairman of the executive committee on 18 August 2018 passing a milestone. Gert Jakobsen, having been a member of ITD since 1994 and chairman of the executive committee since 2013, turns 60 and ITD marks the day arranging a large reception for friends, members and colleagues. The reception takes place at ITD in Padborg Friday 31 August 2018 from 14:00 to 16:00.

In 2005, Gert Jakobsen won ITD’s transport award and shortly after he was asked to join ITD’s executive committee. Here he started being a common member and later vice-chairman. In 2013 he was asked again. This time the post as chairman was in question. Gert Jakobsen considered the situation closely and decided to run for the post. Since then, he has been head of ITD’s executive committee and thus handling the interests of about 800 professional member companies and 270 employees.


The duties of the executive committee at ITD is not inferior work and not at all the work of the chairman. It commits and requires time, says Gert Jakobsen:


- Many people are shocked when they discover how much time the executive committee work takes at ITD. But it has always given me great pleasure and knowledge about both the industry and the political world.


As chairman of the executive committee at ITD, Gert Jakobsen has never wished to lead the great revolutions, because as he says:


- ITD is a fantastic organisation and business, and to me the most important has always been to make a difference in the everyday life of the ordinary road haulier.


Great knowledge of the transport industry

Gert Jakobsen has thorough knowledge to the transport industry. As a young man, he started to drive trucks for others, but as the company he drove for shut down, Gert Jakobsen decided to take the spoon in his own hand and start his own business.


It appeared to be a good disposal. Today, Gert Jakobsen is managing director of Gert Jakobsen Transport ApS in Hornslet by Aarhus. Furthermore, he also owns and runs the companies Cheminor A/S and Strongblue, and is also co-owner of LOGI-DAN A/S.


Today, the companies count about 30 employees – including Gert Jakobsen’s wife Elin Jakobsen daily controlling troops and trucks, because Gert Jakobsen is busy with the work as chairman of the executive committee at ITD.


Committed, professional, responsive and down to earth

Gert Jakobsen is a modest man who does not like to show of himself and his accomplishments.


- It must be down to earth, says Gert Jakobsen.


And that is all in all the prime tone in his work – both as road haulier and as chairman of the executive committee at ITD.


However, from highly reliable sources at ITD it is reported that Gert Jakobsen is extraordinary dedicated to everything he is occupied with. He delivers an enormous performance in his chairmanship and is highly responsive towards others.


Gert Jakobsen is a man who gathers and he goes to great lengths to achieve the best possible results for the benefit of ITD’s members. He is tolerant and creates a good atmosphere, but can easily cut through if needed in the situation. He is professional both as chairman of the executive committee, road haulier and businessman and works hard for the transport industry.


All in all, Gert Jakobsen is very well-liked in the association. He knows the vast majority of ITD’s employees – whom he praises sky high – and he is also in charge of the member companies. In addition to that, he has a huge network within the transport industry.


In private, Gert Jakobsen celebrates his birthday at home at his farm in Rodskov. At first there he has men’s dinner for the closest friends and acquaintances - including hunting friends, who – according to Gert Jakobsen’s own statement – sing better than they shoot.


Photo: Lasse Hyldager Fotografi


Facts on the reception

Time: Friday 31 August 2018 from 14:00 to 16:00

Place: ITD Huset, Lyren 1, DK-6330 Padborg

Registration for the reception please contact Charlotte Mølgaard,, +45 7467 4523

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