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ITD: The transport industry has interesting jobs for the young people from the providers of vocational education

There are really good job opportunities within the transport industry and many companies are in urgent lack of skilled employees. Therefore, ITD is pleased that the Danish Government has introduced a vocational school proposal making the vocational schools more attractive and strengthening the effort for making more young people choose this direction. Within road transport of goods we are ready to welcome them.

In many coming years, the lack of working power will be one of the most important challenges for the Danish transport industry. The transport companies urgent need talented, skilled employees behind the steering wheel in the trucks and in the offices at the companies. And therefore it is essential that more young people apply for the vocational educations and from there directly into the transport industry. ITD welcomes the Danish Government’s new vocational education. It is an absolute necessary proposal with many good elements.


- We hope that with the Danish government’s vocational education proposal it will succeed to get more young people into the vocational education. We are as industry ready to offer the young people good and interesting job opportunities afterwards.


We have lots to offer the young people. The transport industry is facing a profound digital transformation, and it will make the industry’s jobs more interesting and challenging but also require a brand new type of skilled employees, says Trine S. Plesner, head of ITD Labour Market.


ITD hopes that introduced proposal will make primary schools, vocational schools and the business world jointly lift the challenge making the vocational educations attractive and relevant for the young people. It requires cooperation and information amongst parents, schools and teachers to introduce and guide the young people on education and job opportunities.


- The parents’ attitude to education is important when the young people must decide on their education. Many parents’ knowledge on vocational educations is not updated and they don’t know all the opportunities new technology and digitisation add to the educations and the subsequent job opportunities. Therefore, information and guidance should be made better and more concrete. Choosing one of the vocational education must be an option and not an opt-out to opportunities, says Trine S. Plesner.


ITD is looking forward to contribute to the implementation of the many good initiatives in the proposal. Many young people do not know anything about the countless interesting job and career opportunities which the transport industry holds. A job within transport is much more than a truck driver job. Transport is also advanced technology and digital solutions, disposition and management that is best learned with a professional background and further competence enhancement. This knowledge must be build up in a multiannual cooperation between parents, primary school and business world.


Knowledge of the opportunities in an industry increases the interest for going that way. The element is included in the Danish government’s new vocational school proposal, and the right implementation must therefore ensure that also in future the transport industry has high qualified employees at their disposal for the many specialised jobs.


Key elements in the Danish government’s proposal:

  • Increased effort in the primary school for promoting the practice professional skills and the knowledge to the vocational opportunities after primary school making the choice of youth education take place on a broader basis
  • An expert committee must review how the 10th grade can be more vocationally oriented so that it is more a beginning of a vocational education
  • The vocational educations must again be made attractive by increased professionalism and by visualising the education opportunities for the further career.

The study environment must be promoted and the vocational educational opportunities must be secured in sparsely populated areas to maintain more young people

  • The quality of teaching must be increased and developed by connecting the teaching closer to the business world through cooperation and using guest teachers from the business world. There must be more flexible admission to basic education course – also for older young people and adults
  • Greater freedom to the vocational schools to increase and develop new offers in cooperation with current partners


The Danish government wants to earmark 2 billion DKK over the next four years to strengthen the total effort on the area.



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onsdag 17. juli 2019

ITD welcomes dedicated and experienced Danish Minister of Transport

The Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen presented her new team of ministers 27 June 2019, and Benny Engelbrecht occupies the Ministry of Transport at Frederiksholms Kanal in Copenhagen. ITD, Association for the Danish road transport of goods, welcomes the Minister of Transport on the important post having great potential for creating sustainable growth results in cooperation with a professional and engaged transport industry.

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fredag 12. juli 2019

Europa-Parlamentets transportudvalg genvælger fransk formand

Den 10. juli konstituerede Europa-Parlamentets transportudvalg sig med valg af formand og næstformænd til varetage udvalgets ledelse de kommende to og et halvt år.

Europa-Parlamentets transportudvalg genvælger fransk formand >
mandag 08. juli 2019

Varebiler nyhedsupdate – den store tilladelse kan ikke bruges til varebiler

Den ”store vognmandstilladelse” kan ikke bruges i forhold til at udføre godskørsel for fremmed regning med varebiler, der har en samlet tilladt totalvægt på over 2 tons og til og med 3,5 tons.

Varebiler nyhedsupdate – den store tilladelse kan ikke bruges til varebiler >

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