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New parliamentary year with focus on green ambitions and strong joint efforts

The Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen announced in his opening speech that Denmark will lead the way in pulling the world in a greener direction. The prime minister stated that strong joint efforts is the way forward for Denmark out in the world. It is not the time to stand more alone. ITD welcomes the ambitions.

It was Lars Løkke Rasmussen’s last opening speech before he is to call an election to the Folketing 17 June next year at the latest. True to tradition the speech was initiated with a statement of things in the kingdom, and here the prime minister emphasised among other things that the Danes jointly have worked themselves out of the crisis. One of the significant subjects in the speech of the prime minister was the climate and the global warming. Here the Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen announced that the government wants a Denmark leading the way and pulling the world in a greener direction. This includes among other things that Denmark in 2030 shuts down the sales of new diesel and petrol cars.


- The Danish prime minister clearly declares that the Danish government has great ambitions for a greener future. We share these ambitions at ITD. When the government next week presents a new air and climate initiative, the transport sector will play a key role and in Danish road transport of goods we are ready to contribute actively in solving the future climate challenges. For us it is crucial that coming initiatives are rooted in European legislation preventing unnecessary deterioration of the competitive situation for Danish companies, says Carina Christensen, CEO at ITD.


The Danish prime minister also emphasised that joint efforts is the way forward for Denmark out in the world, and that a Europe, standing united, is becoming increasingly important for Denmark. For 45 years Denmark has been part of the EU and is here approaching a golden anniversary. For 25 years Denmark has been part of the internal market and a silver anniversary is now being celebrated.


- At ITD we agree with the prime minister that a Europe, standing united, becomes increasingly important to Denmark. This also applies to the Danish road transport of goods. The prime minister emphasises wisely that the internal market has given Denmark huge advantages: Equal rules for large and small countries. The goods can flow freely. More than half of the total Danish export of goods and services goes to the internal market in the EU. Within these Brexit-times it is encouraging, the prime minister emphasising that the time is not to stand more alone, says Carina Christensen.


This week the Danish government also introduced its legislative program for the coming parliamentary year. On the transport area there are only few initiatives in the pipeline. ITD hopes that the lacking focus on transport and infrastructure is due to the government delivering an overall master plan on the areas.


- Seen in the light of the government’s proposal for a financial act recently presented, it is not surprising that transport takes up little space in the legislative program. At ITD we hope and believe that it is quiet before the storm. We expect not least that the government very soon will present an overall and ambitious plan for the infrastructure of the future, says ITD’s Head of Public Affairs Jørn-Henrik Carstens.


ITD will now assess the government’s overall law catalogue presented in continuation of the prime minister’s opening speech.


Read the Danish prime minister’s opening speech here (Danish).


See the Danish government’s legislative program here (Danish).



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mandag 25. marts 2019

Vejpakken kommer til afstemning onsdag

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Stor tilfredshed i ITD med Transport 2019

Transportmessen i Herning sluttede også godt af for ITD-koncernen. Lørdagen bød på burgerfest for alle medlemmer med lang kø til følge, og Magda fra Lastbilkaravanen skabte god stemning for de mindste med optræden og udlevering af veste og krammelastbiler.

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ITD inviterede MEP-kandidater til transportmesse

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