torsdag 09. maj 2019 10:35

The Danish prime minister has called election to the Danish Parliament - Folketinget

Finally, the tension was relieved. The Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen proclaimed Tuesday that the Danish parliamentary election will take place Wednesday 5 June 2019. ITD, Association for the Danish road haulage, is looking forward to an exciting and intensive election campaign where the work will be targeted on getting important transport political issues on the political agenda.

With the announcement of the election date, the Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen has now officially launched the election campaign. This implies four weeks with massive battle for the politicians’ attention, and ITD will of course actively be part of it.


- At ITD, we are looking forward to the general election, and in the time to come we will use every given opportunity to get transport political issues of current interest on the agenda, making us able to maintain the politicians’ attention on the transport industry’s importance to growth, employment and cohesion in Denmark, says Carina Christensen, CEO at ITD.


Environment will be an important issue during the election campaign, and here the green readjustment of the heavy transport should be ensured a central place in the debate.


- The environment agenda is important for all, also for heavy transport wanting to contribute to the green readjustment. Unfortunately, here there are no easy snap solutions. On the contrary, there is a strong need for the politicians to prioritise and lay out the direction, making the companies know which way to go, so they can make green investments and boost the readjustment, says Carina Christensen.


Working environment and working conditions will also be important issues followed closely by the transport industry.


- The transport industry must be attractive, making us able to attract working power to the profession. Road haulage employs about 51,000 persons in Denmark and is a business growing. At the same time, we face huge challenges, because every second truck driver is over 50 years of age and 15 per cent have turned 60. This challenge must be handled, and therefore focus must be on working environment and working conditions, says Carina Christensen.


Also the Danish Government’s and the Danish People’s Party’s huge and ambitious infrastructural plan, presented earlier this year, should have significant space, she says.


- The Danish Government and the Danish People’s Party presented in April an impressive, visionary and not least long termed master plan for the infrastructure in Denmark. We are genuine excited about this plan as it meets the challenges of the transport industry to a large extent. This does not least apply to the massive and still increasing congestion on the roads every year costing the companies and society billions of DKK. Therefore, the infrastructure plan must be places high on the transport political agenda during the election campaign, so we can ensure that the ambitious projects – also the long termed – are implemented after the election.


Moreover, ITD will request the politicians after the election to root the infrastructure in a broad political settlement ensuring the plan a solid base and making it long-lasting.


However, did you know, that:

  • Road haulage contributes with 1.7 per cent of Denmark’s gross domestic product (GDP)
  • Road haulage supports a total contribute to Denmark’s gross domestic product (GDP) of 60.7 billion DKK.
  • If road haulage continues with 1 per cent annual growth, the industry’s direct GDP contribute will be 5 billion DKK higher than now.
  • Road haulage employs 51,000 persons in Denmark. This includes jobs at road hauliers, removal firms, forwarding agencies as well as within waste collection and company transport with trucks.
  • Measured by employment, road haulage is larger than such as the life-science group with 38,000 direct employed and the shipping with 20,000 direct employed.
  • Road haulage is a growing industry. Employment rose with 4,000 persons from 2012 to 2016. An increase of 9 per cent.
  • Seen as a total, road haulage support employment with 88,000 persons in Denmark.


Source: Copenhagen Economics has calculated the figures for ITD stating how important a role road haulage plays for Danish economy.



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onsdag 17. juli 2019

ITD welcomes dedicated and experienced Danish Minister of Transport

The Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen presented her new team of ministers 27 June 2019, and Benny Engelbrecht occupies the Ministry of Transport at Frederiksholms Kanal in Copenhagen. ITD, Association for the Danish road transport of goods, welcomes the Minister of Transport on the important post having great potential for creating sustainable growth results in cooperation with a professional and engaged transport industry.

ITD welcomes dedicated and experienced Danish Minister of Transport >
fredag 12. juli 2019

Europa-Parlamentets transportudvalg genvælger fransk formand

Den 10. juli konstituerede Europa-Parlamentets transportudvalg sig med valg af formand og næstformænd til varetage udvalgets ledelse de kommende to og et halvt år.

Europa-Parlamentets transportudvalg genvælger fransk formand >
mandag 08. juli 2019

Varebiler nyhedsupdate – den store tilladelse kan ikke bruges til varebiler

Den ”store vognmandstilladelse” kan ikke bruges i forhold til at udføre godskørsel for fremmed regning med varebiler, der har en samlet tilladt totalvægt på over 2 tons og til og med 3,5 tons.

Varebiler nyhedsupdate – den store tilladelse kan ikke bruges til varebiler >

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