Our profile

ITD – Danish road transport with international and business policy vision.

ITD is a private business association for the professional transport and logistics companies. We advise and create networks for our more than 800 member companies. We watch over the political interests of the transport and logistics industry nationally and internationally. At the same time, we provide the member companies with targeted tools making a positive difference in the busy workday of the haulier.


And ITD is more than a business association, the ITD Group is one of Europe’s strongest transport organisations with a unique mix of being both an association and a business.

Today, the association represents Danish transport companies operating both internationally and nationally.

Among other services, our commercial companies, FDE and Vialtis, supply VAT refund and payment solutions to transport companies throughout Europe. 

The “association” and the “business” sides of the ITD Group have always complemented each other. It is that synergy which has made us such a major transport organisation.

Learn more about the ITD Group in this film:


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