tirsdag 04. september 2018 12:44

ITD: Transport spokesmen now want to do something about the lack of resting areas

It pleases ITD that the transport spokesmen from both the Danish Liberal Party (V) and the Danish People’s Party (DF) now announce that actions will be taken concerning the lack of capacity on the state rest areas. The current conditions are unsustainable, and the truck drivers face a situation where they cannot comply with the driving and rest regulations due to lack of capacity.

For a long time, ITD has pointed to the fact that the capacity on the rest areas is out of step with the increasing transport quantity. The necessity for more rest areas follows naturally when there are more vehicles on the roads and roads are expanded. Road transport of goods, every day of the year delivering goods to shops, businesses and consumers, materials and machines to the industry and construction and not least ensures that Denmark’s exports and imports cohere, especially needs access to parking spaces. Particularly, at a time where demands for efficient transport are higher than ever.


- It is positive that we have some politicians listening to the industry and taking it seriously when we point out there being a problem. A pot of paint for more parking bays on the existing areas does, unfortunately, not solve the challenges, put every space created is welcome, says Jørn-Henrik Carstens, head of ITD’s department of public affairs.


Exploit the parking bays optimal

Until now, truck drivers have easily been able to exploit the marked truck parking areas to the full, i.a. by filling up without considering any other marking than the edge stripes out to the traffic lanes running through the parking area. Another solution could therefore be modifying the rules concerning the parking bays within the market areas, maximizing the use of the market areas.


- At ITD we follow the case and we are looking forward to the assessment from the Danish Road Directorate on the possibility of more market parking bays in the rest areas, which Kim Christiansen (DF) now will ask for. At the same time we are pleased that Kristian Phil Lorentzen (V) is ready to mark money for improvements at the motorway rest areas. Hereby, there is hope that something really happens in this area, which has been needed for a long time, Jørn-Henrik Carstens ends.


Photo: ITD

fredag 24. januar 2020

Holland indfører regler for udstationering

Fra 1. marts 2020 indfører Holland nye regler om udstationering. De nye regler gælder også på transportområdet, både for cabotage, men også international transport. Transit samt transport af passagerer er dog undtaget.

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fredag 24. januar 2020

ITD inviterer til orienteringsmøde om politisk aftale for vejtransport

Ønsker du at blive klogere på den nye aftale om vejtransport, som regeringen og et politisk flertal præsenterede for nylig, så har du muligheden, når ITD holder et orienteringsmøde om aftalen for sine medlemmer onsdag den 29. januar 2020 fra klokken 17 til 18.30 på Hotel Trinity i Fredericia.

ITD inviterer til orienteringsmøde om politisk aftale for vejtransport >
tirsdag 21. januar 2020

Få styr på lastsikring

ITD holder det næste lastsikringskursus i Padborg torsdag den 16. april 2020 klokken 10-12.

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