torsdag 24. maj 2018 08:28

The EU Commission presents third and last part of the road package

17 Mai 2018, the EU Commission presented the third and last part of the road package which is to determine the future regulation of the European road transport of goods industry. Road package three focuses on secure, clean and connected mobility. The package contains among other things proposals concerning climate and CO2 reduction, increased digitalising the transport sector and greater road safety. ITD, Association for the Danish road transport of goods, welcomes the Commission’s proposal to joint European rules on the areas.

The Commission’s third road package initiative contemplates a series of measures to promote the development in the European road transport of goods. On the climate area the Commission suggests, for the first time ever, to introduce CO2 standards for trucks. In 2025 the average CO2 emissions from new trucks must be 15 per cent lower than in 2019 to ensure that the discharge is reduced as quickly as possible. There is also a suggestion to introduce a guiding reduction goal for 2030 of at least 30 per cent compared to the values in 2019. These goals correspond with EU’s obligations regards the Paris Agreement and will according to the Commission create considerable fuel savings for the transport companies.


- The road transport of goods must also make their contribution to solve the climate challenges. We work in the industry intensively on reducing the transports’ influence on climate and environment, and during the past years, the trucks’ emission has become significantly less. But it is totally crucial there being guidelines in this area securing equal terms for all companies, says Carina Christensen, CEO at ITD.


There is also great focus on increased digitalisation of the sector, and the plan is now even more active to promote electronic exchange of transport documents. Among other things, part of the Commission’s proposal is to ensure that the European authorities acknowledge digital documents relating to control and enforcing rules.


- The digital readjustment runs fast, and it is therefore of enormous importance that a joint foundation is secured for companies making them able to readjust to the new digital reality and exploit the opportunities the technology gives to reduce administrative and economic costs. Additionally, the proposals will contribute to an efficient and more uniform enforcement of the rules in all member states, and that is important to secure a fair competition on the market, says Carina Christensen, CEO at ITD.


On the road safety area, the Commission plans a series of initiatives to make trucks even safer and to prevent accidents. Among other things, the plan is that vehicles must be equipped with advanced safety features such as advanced emergency brake systems, lane assistants for cars and systems for trucks to register bike riders and pedestrians to avoid accidents.


- Also when road safety is in focus, it is important to get common rules, because road transport of goods is border crossing. At ITD we believe that the Commission’s proposal contains a series of good and necessary measures certain to improve safety on the roads and reduce the number of accidents, says Carina Christensen.


ITD will now review the Commission’s third road package in details and prepare a response paper to the single proposals.


Read the road package three here:



fredag 05. juni 2020

Krav om anmeldelse i Storbritannien

Fra 8. juni 2020 træder der grundet coronavirus nye restriktioner i kraft for indrejse i Storbritannien.

Krav om anmeldelse i Storbritannien >
fredag 05. juni 2020

Tysk søn- og helligdagskørselsforbud træder igen i kraft

Som følge af coronavirus har de tyske delstater haft lempelser for søn- og helligdagskørselsforbuddet. I visse delstater er kørselsforbuddet dog igen trådt i kraft. Det gælder for delstaterne Bayern, Sachsen og Berlin.

Tysk søn- og helligdagskørselsforbud træder igen i kraft >
fredag 05. juni 2020

Spærring af A1 ved Hamburg i weekenden

Motorvejen A1 ved Hamburg mellem HH-Moorfleet og HH-Billstedt er spærret i weekenden. Der er lavet omkørsel, men trafikanter må forvente kø.

Spærring af A1 ved Hamburg i weekenden >